Just get out of bed. You’re just being lazy. Just get over it. Just, just, just… I hear that word every day. Every day my mind screams out: If I could just get out of bed/do that homework/clean the house. What’s wrong with me? Just do it. Just: the word that laughs in my face for not being able to conquer it; the word that mocks me every time I push “continue playing” on netflix; the word that means nothing to depression. “Just” implies the simplicity but there is nothing simple about getting dressed when your world seems so small and dark. Next time you hear that voice in your head telling you to *just do* something, remove the “just” and acknowledge the difficulty. Then fight as hard as you can. And if it doesn’t work today, fight again tomorrow.
Fight depression, have compassion, and live.1620685_10152349013093667_3885577769553523343_n


Any thoughts?

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