The Disease of Bullying

There are so many children being bullied for being too heavy, too thin, too short or too tall. It never ceases to amaze me the cruelty of kids. I was bullied for years because of my (far) above average height and have witnessed countless others being bullied for any reason one can find: intelligence, appearance, race, sexual orientation, religious views.

And for some reason, I thought that would end when I got out of middle school… then out of high school… then into college and the real world. How wrong I was. My naivety was spoiled when I realized that adults are just as petty and cruel, just as jealous and revengeful… and can be even bigger bullies than their younger counterparts. In fact, since making the decision to live a healthier life, I’ve been bullied about my choice) which has been both shocking and hurtful. No matter how thick your skin, words still seep in.

A friend posted the below video today and it reminded me, once again, that our world hasn’t even moved beyond judging others for the weigh of their bodies; a fact that saddened me. People are hard enough of themselves, we don’t need others pointing out our “flaws” as well. And while everyone will have different reactions to the video, I ask you to not read too far into it, not to find fault within it, and just take the message for what it is. There have been an abundance of potentially positive videos recently that have been torn apart for this little error or that little mistake. That’s not what they’re about. If you don’t agree with it, just let it go. Honestly, there is usually at least one thing positive you can get out of anything. Woo, ok, off my soapbox on that one.

Anyway, I think that lady had some good words. Her bit about kids watching their parents… well, it reminded me of one of my very favorite videos. This one I fully endorse.

I guess all I can ask, as someone who was bullied and has witnessed the pain of other victims, please consider your words, actions, or lack thereof. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. It’s a lie, a falsehood we start teaching children at a young age. Instead, we should been setting good examples and explaining to children (and adults) that hurting people hurt people and yes, it’s painful but it’s also something that can remind us to be careful with our own words so we don’t lash out at others in our pain.

Be kind to someone today. Someone different than you, someone the same as you, someone you’ve never met, someone you’ve known all your life. And don’t do it for the praise or reputation… do it because we’re all human. We live in a cold, dark world and we can use every bit of light we can get.


Any thoughts?

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