Time Does Fly

Look how the days have flown! I’ve been merrily juicing  to my hearts content and will be providing more recipes today. For the last few days, I’ve been juicing twice a day and eating one good meal and maybe one small snack (usually almonds and a piece of fruit). I hope my body appreciates all the lovely, raw nutrients it’s getting!

I have to say, I’ve also been spoiled in my meals. From two local restaurants, I got wonderful, homemade lunches that make my mouth water just thinking about them. And I have no shame promoting the companies I love: if you’re ever in Southern Oregon, check out Spoons in downtown Medford and Sauce in Ashland. Both fantastic and worth supporting!

I have another awesome project going too! My little cousin just made the varsity volleyball team at her middle school! Woo! Anyway, she has early morning practices and a teammate who is allergic to all nuts except almonds. I’ve been working on healthy, natural snacks that can give her energy while still allowing her to be around her friend and teammate. Here’s a sneak peak: stories and recipes to come!

On a whole different exciting note, look at the awesome candle my mom got me! It’s one of those awesome wooden wick candles that sounds like a fireplace when it burns. And seriously, did you check out the scent? Cinnamon chai, ground cinnamon and spiced rum?? Ah! It’s like Christmas already!

Well that’s about the extent of my exciting news. Be on the lookout for yummy recipes and perhaps even a group participation event coming up soon! Goodnight and good eats!


2 thoughts on “Time Does Fly

    • They’re aren’t my inventions but rather a group of recipes gathered from various internet sites… though I often don’t use them now and instead just throw fruits and veggies into the juicer!

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