Day Two: ahhh, much better!

There we go! After last night’s conundrum, I decided to juice for breakfast and dinner today while eating solid food for lunch. I feel much better about the situation!

Ironically, when I ate the solid food lunch, it didn’t really sit well with my stomach. I felt weighed down and a little sluggish until it had time to digest. However, I feel a lot stronger than I did yesterday! I think a partial fast will work quite nicely.

For breakfast, I finished off the rest of the Morning Glory from yesterday with the addition of a freshly squeezed orange (16 oz.) and drank a beautiful new juice for dinner (20 oz. batch, 4 oz. went to my mom)! I might have a snack of a few almonds later if I start to feel weak again.

I can’t believe how good I feel after a juicing session! My body feels lighter and happier inside. I’m glad I adjusted my plan and I’m most gladdest that I didn’t give up juicing all together. It’s a wonderful, uplifting and tasty experience!

I didn’t peel any of the Red Dawn ingredients but gave them all a good wash and found wrapping the cabbage around cucumber spears made it go smoother! Any questions? Ask away!


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