Juicing Towards Health

I am very excited to announce the newest addition to my health journey: cold pressed juicing! Over the last year or so, I started hearing more and more about juicing and while going through a food documentary phase, I watched the popular film Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I still hadn’t jumped on board though…. I’d looked at juicers on amazon once or twice and found that there were TONS of them and everyone claimed their’s was the very best. If this phenomenon hasn’t happened to you yet, believe me, it can be quite overwhelming.

However, something exciting just happened. Web Staunton announced that he was opening a cold pressed, raw juice bar in Ashland called Northwest Raw. I’d heard Web’s story before: that he had been plagued with pain and medications from his rheumatoid arthritis until he turned his life around, started juicing and is now pain and medication- free. It was incredible the first time I’d heard it but hearing it again after I’ve started this journey made a bigger impact. His strong belief in juicing pushed me over the edge and I started researching again. Under his advice (and that of the Amazon world) I finally picked a juicer: the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer. Most importantly, it is a masticating juicer, which greatly differs from most of the popular, common household juicers (and even from the one in the documentary).

I could regurgitate information about the differences but instead, I’ll send you over here: http://www.juicingadvice.com/types-of-juicers/masticating-juicers/

SO! Long story short, I bought the juicer, the glass bottles (if you have to store juice, it’s better to do in glass than plastic) and researched recipes and tips and all that good internet stuff.

Today marks the first day of my juice fast. (http://www.all-about-juicing.com/Juice_Fast.html) My body (and digestive track in particular) have struggled and I strongly feel this will be a healthy couple days… or week… or two. Unlike most, I don’t have a set number of days; I’m going to feel it out and listen for my body to tell me when to stop.

Unfortunately, while researching juice fasts, there were loads of people documenting theirs, but none of them really gave recipes of what they drank and as a newbie, that wasn’t much help.

I’ll be doing my best to post regularly on not just what it’s like or how my body feels but I’ll also be posting all my recipes in case you need a little guidance when you take on a journey like this!

WIsh me luck and I’ll talk to you soon!

OH! OH! I almost forgot! Everyone, NW Raw needs help finishing. This is a place that will be good for our community, our health and our happiness. If you can, donate even just $5... every dollar truly helps. I would more than appreciate it and I know Web and his team would too. Here’s the link to their funding page that has a good ole video and everything!
Check it out.


Any thoughts?

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