Day One

As day one of my juice fasts ends, I’m thinking a good long sleep will make everything better. Today was a little rough: some from the effects of the fast, some emotionally and some from food temptations that I would have had even if I wasn’t fasting!

I’m feeling pretty tired already, I wasn’t expecting the effects of a juice fast to hit quite this fast. I’ve had a headache the last couple hours (though I believe, in part, from something other than just the fast) and am already wearing a jacket while curled up in my blankets (which is a common symptom of fasting).

However, I’m still glad I’m on track. Here’s the rundown.

I can’t lie, I love pictures. Ahhh. Anyway, here comes the recipes. I cored all apples, peeled the oranges and grapefruit but left the peel on the lemon. Everything was washed and scrubbed before they went into the juicer with Trader Joe’s Fruit and Vegetable Wash. It’s all natural and while some internet people claim washes like this don’t work, they most certainly do. When washing batches of food, it still amazes me how much dirt and particles are left over. Give it a try, I recommend.

Oh, and a legend I suppose! When you see, for example, “2 h. spinach” the h stands for handful. It’s not exact but I also didn’t want to type out handful on all of my notecards. They’re really cool. Another tip is to vary the harder foods with juicier ones to make sure you’re clearing all the goodies out of the juicer!

Remember those temptations I mentioned? My mom and I have been mostly grain, dairy, soy free (etc.) for several months now… however, since both my brothers were in town my mom made some meals. My two favorite meals. I have to admit, my mom makes thee best lasagna and it smelled heavenly when it came out of the oven. I worked through that and made it over to my aunt’s house… where they all had french toast for dinner. I usually don’t struggle with passing up foods I’m not eating (and know won’t make me feel good) but today was a tough one. I could have lathered the entire plate of french toast with butter and peanut butter and syrup… mmm mm for a short time but I realize that I would have felt awful for the next day or two, not to mention blowing my fast. So I drank my juice and carried on.

And that’s what I’ll do tomorrow too: carry on! Bring it, Day Two!


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