Allegiance to Myself, Not a Diet

Some mornings you just wake up with cravings. A couple days ago I woke with the enormous desire for waffles. Not pancakes, not french toast… Waffles. After looking through dozens of recipes, I finally settled on the one from Moms Secret Recipes and I have to say, my craving was more than satisfied.


From the very beginning of my Paleo journey, I’ve felt mixed about goodies such as the above picture. When you look at Paleo as the lifestyle as our ancestors… no, they didn’t eat waffles or zucchini muffins or banana pancakes. However, I’ve finally decided that doesn’t matter to me anymore. Am I a diehard Paleo-er (that’s a term, right?) with my alternative recipes? Nope! Am I head over heels healthier than I’ve ever been? Most definitely.

As I’ve learned to give up my alliance to any particular “diet” or “lifestyle,” I’ve started to create a plan that’s right for me. For me, it’s ok to indulge in 2 homemade, gluten, dairy, soy free waffles. That’s far better than when I used to eat (more that two) Bisquick waffles with ingredients like bleached flour and partially hydrogenated soybean oil! And topping it with fresh fruit instead of drowning myself in butter and high fructose corn syrup based toppings? Yes, that’s ok with me.

Yesterday, as I bought my first cereal in several months, I debated more on the issue. How could I justify buying cereal? Then I realized that sitting down and having a simple breakfast of cereal, coconut milk and fruit with my man is sometimes better than worrying if we have the right ingredients for something homemade, dirtying pans, then having to clean it all up after.

And with that thought process running through my head, I bought myself some Crunchy Flax cereal from Enjoy Life. Being wheat, dairy, egg, soy, nut free with 7g of protein, 6g of fiber, 2g sugar, and 200 calories a serving… yeah, I think I’ll sleep easy tonight.

A couples nights ago however, I cheated and had some food that I definitely shouldn’t have indulged in. But in a way, I’m glad I did because I got that first big cheat out of my system. I indulged in something I thought would make me happy and it did… momentarily. The rest of the night (and some of the next day) I felt absolutely miserable. My insides were yelling at me, I couldn’t sleep and was incredibly sluggish and grumpy. I paid the price and it was definitely not worth it.

So as I head to my bowl of cereal, I embrace the decision. When I worried about every little cheat or slip up, I easily became completely overwhelmed. Choosing a “paleo-inspired” dietary lifestyle allows me to be more compassionate on myself and stay the course. Sometimes I forget it’s about being healthy and happy instead of following a specific list of this or that. Sometimes I have to refocus the lens and remember why I’m on this journey.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein


Any thoughts?

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