Pills, Parties, Priceless Cars

Remember in elementary school when you’re taught to always stay of topic when writing a paper? Well, that’s just not going to happen today. Today’s just a rambling update kind of day.

First off, I’m taking pretty blue pills now!

190020_10151511879528667_1154425346_n For a long time I was scared (and perhaps embarrassed) to be on anti-depressants but I’ve finally accepted that there’s no shame in getting help when life become too much. There are chemical imbalances in my brain and I’m not going to feel guilty for that. I’m still a little scared to have medication running through my system but for the time being, I know I need help to get through. And that’s ok.

On a much happier note, Daniel and I have a plan set in motion. So remember when I got my super cool pedometer? Firstly, I’m already doing much better getting much stronger. My current goal is set at 2500 steps per day as I’m starting to become less sore when I walk 2000.
Anyway! Our awesome new plan!
My honey and I decided that when I reach 10,000 steps (not just once but consistently without being incredibly sore the next day) that we’re going to head down to Disneyland. After experiencing it in a wheelchair, we’re going to make it a goal for us to go again and for me to be able to walk at least one day of the trip. That may not sound much for the average 20 year old but for me, it’s a huge goal.

Also happier, my aunt and uncle drove down for my grandma’s birthday! We surprised her after months of white lies to hide the surprise from her. Here she is at the party with her tickets to see My Fair Lady at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival!
(She looks young for turning 39, doesn’t she??)

While here, my uncle was awesome enough to take me to the cruise I talked about earlier. We walked around and saw a bunch of incredible old cars. I guess having a father figure isn’t as important when you have an uncle step in and take care of you in these small, yet very meaningful situations.

Here are our award winning cars for the day:

So all in all, I’m trekking along. Some days are better than others. Through it all I have my Sweetheart and family standing by me, wishing me well. Thank you, everyone, for the support.


Any thoughts?

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