Food First

I just spent a fantastic couple of days up in Northern Oregon. However, before story time must come some yummy food stuffs. My honey got an awesome job over the summer and me being so domestic (as my mom would say), I wanted to make him breakfast and pack a nice, healthy lunch for work. I had this smooth, perfect plan set that, of course, just didn’t happen. My plan did not involve going to Fred Meyer’s at 9:30pm and staying up until midnight cooking and prepping for the next day while my honey slept soundly in the other room. However, that’s what happened and it worked out just fine (thanks to my nap time the next day).

Anyway, the night before I made these delicious “Lazy Lasagna” mason jars. I didn’t have a clue how they were going to turn out since I don’t eat dairy or wheat… but I sent one with Daniel anyway! According to him it was “damn tasty” and “freaking amazing” which means this recipe is definitely sticking around!
I used the marinara recipe attached in the recipe (though I added more seasonings and herbs that listed) and used much bigger jars (used same cooking time) than the suggested 8oz. because my sweetheart is an ever growing man!

Threw those babies in the fridge for the next morning and got up at 6am to try a new food experiment. I read the recipe for 5 Ingredient Breakfast Stuffed Acorn Squash and just had to make it. Turns out it is a phenomenal mix of flavors. Of course, as I set it on the table with our plates and some peppermint tea in this crazy cool mug
Daniel realized his stomach was sick from the icky sticky, frozen potstickers he consumed before bed the night before and wasn’t able to eat my tasty concoction. He did eat it the next day (well, I ate some of his because it was that yummy!) which made up for the early morning. Here’s the recipe with a couple tips from my creating experience:

As you can see from the back squash, make sure you make the egg hole big enough or you’ll have egg overboard. I just used whatever sausage I could find at my local grocery store that had organic ingredients and no preservatives or nitrates. Also, leave more time than you think for the eggs to cook. This picture was taken before I tested the eggs and as they were still way runny and since Daniel needed to leave, I scooped them out and scrambled them. It worked.

All in all, successful food. I plan on making both again. I know, that was a lot of words for what was just said in the last two sentences. That’s what happens when you give me a blog.

(Oh! And I added chia seeds to the squash after I scooped it into the pan because, well, why not?)


Any thoughts?

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