No Shame Here

I’ve found two reactions when you tell someone you’re seeing a counselor/therapist.

The reaction of someone who isn’t seeing one and gives you the “oh, that’s… nice” face:

And the reaction of someone who is seeing/has seen one and knows how important it is:

Somewhere along the line, people got a distorted view of seeking mental health help. It started being seen as something that weak, “messed up” or troubled people do. That if you’re seeing a counselor  you must have some real big problems and somehow that makes you less of a person.

I’ve come across far too many people who could use help but are too embarrassed to seek it because they’re afraid it makes them weak and afraid that they’ll be judged.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not true. Life is hard. It’s ok to need help.
And it is NOT something to be ashamed of.

In fact, it’s entirely the other way around. Personal growth can be a very difficult thing to achieve. It’s easy to wallow in your ways. It’s hard to change them.
If you are seeking professional help to make these changes then good for you! You’re taking steps to better yourself, better your relationships, better your life.

I know I’m only one person but this one person is saying to you today: be proud of yourself for getting help. I know it can seem embarrassing but there are those of us in your life who are beyond proud. You’re taking a HUGE step to improving and understanding yourself as a human being.

I pray one day our society gives up its judgmental ways. We can only fight it one person at a time.

So please, if you are going through a hard time, lost a love one, struggle with depression, broke up with a significant other, have divorce in the family, or feel sad, happy, or want to seek a better life…
Go out there and find someone who will help you achieve.

Well there is one more topic I want to cover. I have seen several counselors over the years and simply put: I didn’t get anything out of any of them… until I found the right one. Finding the right one makes all the difference. If you start seeing someone and they aren’t a fit, please don’t give up.

Keep looking and you’ll find someone who connects with you, who believes in you and who will help you. I personally recommend they have “licensed professional … ” in their title. Anyway, keep fighting. Your mental health is so terribly important and is worth fighting and searching for. And always remember there are many of us out there seeking help as well.

You are brave and you’re not alone.


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