Celebrate Yourself

This was me as I stepped off the scale.

The magical machine reappeared in my Pilates class today so I did a weigh in and…
I’m down to 28.7% body fat!

For me, that’s about 6 pounds of pure fat that I’ve lost. And for me, that is totally worth celebrating! I’ve been noticing how much better my body feels on the inside yet it sure was nice to know it’s helping on the outside too! I’ve got a long ways to go but hey, now I know it’s working!

I have a lot of friends out there who are jumping on board the health wagon (shouldn’t we all be on board, really?) for various reasons but to all of you out there… if you feel any better, at all, do the dance right now. That’s right, throw your hands in the hair and celebrate.

We live in a society where only the big goal is celebrated. When the gal looses 100 lbs. and can fit into size 0 jeans… well. I say no. I say to celebrate the little successes. Celebrate the fact that you (nor I) are going to ever fit into size 1 jeans but that doesn’t matter. Celebrate you went one more day of eating right. Celebrate your beauty inside, not just out (though I promise you’re beautiful on the outside too!). Celebrate eating your veggies and liking it and for goodness sakes, celebrate you.

You are amazing and so courageous of taking these steps. I’m amazing and courageous. We must never forget that… whether it’s one pound we lose or one pound we gain.

Celebrate yourself today.

And do the dance. It’s so worth it.


One thought on “Celebrate Yourself

  1. 🙂 LOVE this! This post really made me smile… you’re so right. Little successes make up large successes! Celebrate loud and proud, as a happy you is a happy life!

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