Here’s the Reward

No, not the bodily reward for eating healthy… the taste bud award! To celebrate the first day of week two, I get to feast upon the glory of this 5 oz. filet mignon (grass fed cow of course)!

I think it’s important to celebrate your victories. This is probably the first time in my life I have eaten this healthy on a consistent basis and, well, not hated it.

Yes, there are still times when I want to dive into ice cream, cheesecake, cereal or chocolate mouse but I’ve still enjoyed this journey so far. When I crave those unhealthy things, I remember how much more energy I have when I eat wholesome food and how much better I feel about myself. And it’s worth it.
So here we go into week two! I need to grocery shop today for the week so I head off to our local co-op and Trader Joe’s.

If you ever feel discouraged about your “diet” just remember there are tons of us out there who would love to encourage or inspire you to continue on. I doubt anyone regrets turning to tasty, healthy food. And once you get in the groove, you won’t want to go back.

So stick with it. You can do it.


Any thoughts?

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