Sometimes Just Splurge

After a terribly hard day and a certifiably crazy breakdown, my love and I decided we needed to splurge a little for dinner. And by splurge I mean grass fed beef burgers with all organic toppings! I’m sure mustard and ketchup aren’t totally healthy even if they are organic… But on occasion, well you just have to live a little!

They turned out pretty darn tasty (thank you Trader Joe’s!) and it was just what we needed. Oh, and an organic, non-dairy (mostly) healthy ice cream snack.

Yeah, it was a really bad breakdown. But no guilt here because my honey, superhero and best friend reminded me that it’s ok to have breakdowns sometimes! It’s wonderful having a life partner: we go through the good times and hard times together and when it’s all finished, we get to cuddle and watch Doctor Who. I love him.

Here’s to a better day tomorrow!


Any thoughts?

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