If I fall, I don’t want to fall far.

These are deliciousness. My friend Molly introduced them to me long before I went Paleo and now they’re going to come in real handy! They are gluten/soy/dairy/sugar/egg free and some of my favorite cookies in the world. These are the chocolate ones but there in also a recipe for just chocolate chip.
(I recommend going to a health section and finding Enjoy Life Foods Mini Chips which are dairy, nut & soy free, vegan and yummy in the tummy)

I make them about a tablespoon size and decided to freeze all but 5 for an emergency supply. In the past, I’ve fallen off “diets” because once I fall (splurging on cookies or candy, etc) I think it’s too late and I give up. So this time, I made little treats that are healthy and Paleo so if I get a craving, I don’t have to feel guilty for indulging!
It’s all about setting yourself up for success!

Here are the recipes!

(this one is my favorite)


Any thoughts?

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