Almost Obese at 150 Pounds

I constantly have people comment on how “skinny” or “thin” I am and gasp in disbelief (and occasionally anger) when I tell them I’m not happy with my body.

Well here’s the gritty truth.

After looking at countless body fat percentage charts, I’ve found I’m almost always bordering two categories by 1%. It goes something like this:
Average and Obese
Acceptable and At Risk
Moderately Lean and Excess Fat

As a 19 year old (previously) active woman, I should have about 20-25% body fat.
I’m currently sitting at 31%

This is embarrassing for me to admit… but it’s time to admit it because I refuse to settle any longer. Over the last year, I’ve watched my body decay from the inside out and I’m putting a stop to it.

Starting tomorrow, I begin my 6 week Paleo health plan designed for those with auto-immune related issues. It’s not going to be easy (and it sure ain’t cheap!) but I will do it!

I want to feel good in my body and good about my body. Time to heal from the inside out!


2 thoughts on “Almost Obese at 150 Pounds

  1. This is absolutely fantastic, Krista! I’m sitting at 39%, so I know how you feel. Power to you, girl! I will be following your journey!

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